CRV Recycling Drop off – 08/25 (8:20-8:45am)

Welcome to the thrilling world of CRV recycling, where every bottle embarks on an epic journey to become a superhero of sustainability! Imagine your favorite soda or sparkling water container donning a cape and leaping into the recycling bin with a triumphant shout of "Save the Planet!" CRV, short for California Redemption Value (but we like to call it "Cleverly Revitalizing Valor"), is like a treasure map leading to a land of eco-gold. These bottles aren't just discarded; they're adventure-seekers on a mission to transform into new and fantastic forms. With a flash of recycling magic, they can become anything from a cozy fleece jacket to a snazzy park bench, all while striking a blow against the forces of waste and pollution. Not to mention, our PTA collects the cash redemption value for each container; last year we earned almost $1,000, all of which goes straight into our programs and activities for the kids. So, next time you hear that satisfying clink of a CRV bottle, know that you're joining a recycling revolution, one capped bottle at a time!

Drop off your CRV recycling at any of our (3) valets in the morning between 8:20-8:45am. We will gladly take cans and plastic if it states “CA CRV” on the label. Look for our volunteers who will help grab your items and pass out Mustang Pride slips to students who bring in recycling; those Pride slips can be used later at the Mustang Store. (More on that in an upcoming newsletter.) If you would like to get more involved, we are always looking for more volunteers to help at the valet lines, including students, to help at the valet lines with sorting and/or cheer for all our environmentally conscience students. If you can help, please contact VP, Victoria Skornia (

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