6th Graders Only - $325 Final Payment for Outdoor Science School "Camp"

6th Graders Only - $325 Final Payment for Outdoor Science School "Camp"

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Payment Information:  This item is the second of two (2) required payments for Outdoor Science School ("Camp") at High Trails.  Both the $100 deposit and the $325 final payment are required by December 1.  

Camp is only available to currently-enrolled 6th graders, and space is limited.  Be sure to include your email AND cell phone number with this purchase, as both are needed for your enrollment.  (Many additional forms will be coming your way, as required by our PTA and the camp facility.)

Scholarships:  Limited scholarships are available; these are dependent on funding received.  If you are interested in receiving a scholarship, please complete our Scholarship Application by September 29 (see Karen's contact information below to request one).  We are also accepting donations for scholarships; please contact Karen or President@sspta.org to let us know you are willing to donate to this fund.

Dates:  February 19-22, 2024

Please note that the camp dates above require your student to miss three (3) days of school, with Monday, February 19, being a holiday.  Arrangements will be made with the school and your teacher for an independent study so that students can be counted as present during those days; assigned schoolwork must be completed by the teacher's required due date in order for your student to be counted as present.   

More Information:  6th Grade Camp is an unforgettable experience, offering students the opportunity to learn and grow in many ways.  

High Trails Camp is a wonderful combination of a school and a camp.  Science and ecology classes, based on California State Standards, are taught from thoughtful and detailed lesson plans in interactive and experiential ways.  In addition, they also offer a more traditional outdoor “camp” experience with activities like:  climbing, archery, team building and orienteering, songs and skits, and lots of fun, silly games.  After all, life is a proper balance of hard work and fun play.

At camp, students spend their time split between the field and the cabin.  In the field, students grab a sack lunch and head off with their instructor, out-of-doors for the whole day.  Dinner is back in camp at the dining hall, after which students switch to their cabin instructor, who teaches night classes, hosts evening programs like line dancing, and makes sure certain essential demands (showering, sleeping, etc.) are met.  After a night’s sleep in a heated cabin, students are up and ready for breakfast and the next day.  Students are supervised 100% of the time by High Trails staff, with a program that is purposefully designed to keep students busy and occupied the entire time they are there.

Need even more information?  Be sure to check out High Trails website at DirtyClassroom.com, especially the Parents Page.  

You can also direct any specific questions to Karen Fidaleo, our PTA Chairperson for this camp experience, at kafidaleo@gmail.com or 858-752-4709.

This Camp experience is NOT associated with the Sulphur Springs Union School District in any way.  (If you have questions about that, feel free to direct those to Karen or to President@sspta.org.)