SSPTA Volunteers Needed

We are ALWAYS looking for volunteers.  If you have questions on any of our volunteer opportunities, if you have suggestions, or if you want to sign up, please email Jessica at  In addition to our greatest needs (listed here), we would also love to have you sign up for any upcoming PTA event that looks fun to you.

  • Gardening/Campus Beautification - If you have a love of plants, we'd love to have you come and share that with our students!  We have funding.  We have garden beds.  We have irrigation.  We have children wanting to garden.  What we need is YOU!
  • Career Day – We are planning a Career Day for later in the year (date is to-be-determined).  This was not on our initial Volunteer Interest Form, so please let us know if you would like to join this committee or if you would like to be contacted about speaking at the event.

  • Culture-Sharing Event – Parents asked, and we're answering:  Yes!  Your SSPTA would love to host an event for our school where students, families, and teachers can share in the multitude of cultures we bring together.  We have no idea what this will look like, but if you want to get involved, we'd love to have you.  Slated for March 24th.  If you'd like to be on the committee to plan the event or if you'd like to help put together a table (food, art, dance/song performance, costume/traditional dress, etc) for a specific country or culture, email  We can't wait to see how this turns out!

  • Calling all Art Lovers! The SSPTA is proud to fund arts enrichment for all of our students.  Unfortunately, we are running into a bit of trouble in finding staff who can lead our visual arts curriculum.  We are seeking adults who would be willing to do art with their kid's class during the school day, for about an hour.  Jessica has done this before, and she can train you.  ANYONE CAN DO ART WITH KIDS.  You do not have to be talented (and they love it when we're human!).  We will have lesson plans to follow, and Jessica will walk you through every single one (if that's what you want).  The SSPTA will also provide all of the materials to be used.  Please don't leave our kids without art instruction this year!

  • Website/Social Media – We have a small team of great SSPTA volunteers who help to maintain our website and keep our social media accounts up to date.  And we have another great volunteer who makes beautiful images to post.  But we are always looking for people willing to learn the ropes and serve as a back-up person, for those times when things get busy at home (or work).  You don't have to commit, but please do reach out if you're curious or interested, and we can have a conversation.

We love it when our volunteers bring their friends–it's true on every committee and at every event!

Upcoming events:

     February - Talent Show, Sweetheart Breakfast

     March - Book Fair, Read Across America Night, Book Swap.

          We are also beginning to plan for our Fall Fundraiser, Mustang Roundup.

     April - Campus Beautification Day (Earth Day celebration)

     May - Teacher Appreciation Week, Spring Carnival