Week 24 - Feb 12 - PTA Newsletter

Dear Sulphur Springs Parents and Guardians,


Please read below for the slate of candidates for next year’s PTA Board, as recommended by the Nominating Committee.  We are still accepting nominations for all positions, to be considered at the PTA Election on March 12.  If you forgot to sign up in time, just come to our Election Meeting (3/12 at 1:30pm in Bungalow 41) or email the chair of our Nominating Committee at mrschrystalramos@gmail.com.  Be sure your PTA membership is active by February 11!

If you want to get involved with the PTA right now, please check our List of Volunteer Needs, towards the end of this newsletter.  We have immediate openings for volunteers at our Sweetheart Breakfast (February 14), Game Room (weekly during lunch, days at your convenience), Mustang Store (February 26-28), Book Fair (March 4-7), Multicultural Fair (March 22), Talent Show (April), and Spring Carnival (tentatively set for May).

    Note:  The Spring Carnival will NOT happen unless we get several volunteers by 2/15.


4-Week Look Ahead

  • 2/11 – PTA Memberships are due in order to vote or to run for office.  Flyers attached.


  • 2/11 – Yearbook Personalization is Due for all Yearbooks purchased in 2023.

  • 2/14, 8-8:30am – SSPTA Sweetheart Breakfast, in the MPR; volunteer or donate here:


  • 2/16 – NO SCHOOL, Long Weekend

  • 2/17 – Founder’s Day, celebrating the founding of PTAs

  • 2/19 – NO SCHOOL, President’s Day

  • 2/21, 4:00-8:00pm – SSPTA Restaurant Night at Chipotle.  Flyer attached.

    • Bring your flyer or order online with code 488T3HF.

  • 2/22, 7:30am – Site Council meeting on Zoom

  • 2/22 – MINIMUM DAY, students are dismissed at 12:45pm

  • 2/23, 8:15-8:45am – SSPTA Recycling Collection at Drop-Off

    • New volunteers can show up at 8:10am to help!  We would love to have you!

  • 2/23, 9am – Spirit Assembly with student awards

  • 2/26-2/28 – SSPTA Mustang Store; sign up to volunteer and see kids smile!


  • Remind your students to bring their PRIDE slips, earned for good behavior.

  • 3/1, 5pm – Read Across America and SSPTA STEAM Family Night in the MPR

    • Join us for fun activities, prizes, and pizza!

    • Bring old books, puzzles, and games to swap with other families!

  • 3/4-3/7 – Scholastic Book Fair, run by the PTA

  • 3/5 – MINIMUM DAY, students are dismissed at 12:45pm

    • Teacher-Family Conferences

  • 3/7 – MINIMUM DAY, students are dismissed at 12:45pm

    • Teacher-Family Conferences

  • 3/8 – NO SCHOOL, Teacher-Family Conferences

  • 3/12, 1:30pm – SSPTA Association-wide Meeting and Elections.  All are invited!


Table of Contents

1. Slate for Next Year’s PTA Board/Leadership Positions

2. Performing Arts Enrichment with the SCV Shakespeare Festival

3. Mustang Store – February 26, 27, and 28

4. Multicultural Fair (3/22) – Need country representatives and cultural performers!

5. Talent Show (April) – Need donations and backstage volunteers now

6. Special Volunteer Recognition – Thank you!

7. List of Volunteer Needs


1. Slate for Next Year’s PTA Board/Leadership Positions

The PTA’s Nominating Committee – Chrystal Ramos, Kim Sperling, and Nicole Carruth, with guidance from Principal Palacios – is pleased to announce their recommended slate of candidates for the 2024-2025 PTA Board Officer positions:

  • President:  Kim Sperling

  • Vice President of Programs:  Chrystal Ramos

  • Secretary:  

  • Treasurer:  

  • Historian:  Rose Carradine McGee

  • Financial Reviewer:  

We NEED additional candidates for the Secretary, Treasurer, and Financial Reviewer positions, and we are still accepting nominations for all positions. 

Board Positions English - https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0514/6922/2087/files/Board_Position_Descriptions_EN.pdf?v=1707764152

Board Positions Spanish - https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0514/6922/2087/files/Board_Position_Descriptions_SP.pdf?v=1707764152

If you forgot to sign up in time, you can come to our Election Meeting (3/12 at 1:30pm in Bungalow 41) or email the chair of our Nominating Committee at mrschrystalramos@gmail.com or the current PTA President at President@sspta.org, and we will be sure to get you on the roster.  

Be sure your PTA membership is active by February 11!  In order to run for office (to be on the SSPTA Board) and in order to be eligible to vote at the next PTA Election (March 12, 1:30pm on campus), you need to be a PTA member for at least 30 days before the election – that’s February 11.  So, sign up now!



2. Performing Arts Enrichment with the SCV Shakespeare Festival

As we have each year for over a decade (except for Covid – sad times!), the SSPTA is bringing Arts enrichment to our campus.  Starting this month, all students will be participating in weekly performing arts classes, taught by an instructor from the Santa Clarita Valley Shakespeare Festival.  This is their first time doing classes for our school (or for any school during the school day), so please let us know how you and your student(s) like the program, and we will be sure to share helpful feedback with the instructor and the program director.

Classes are approximately 30 minutes long and will continue for 10 weeks, taking into account school breaks and holidays.  This Performing Arts instruction has a specific curriculum for each grade, so students in different grades will have different experiences.  We hope this will lend itself well to a program that can return year after year, where students will continue to build skills and participate in new fun activities over time.


3. 🙏 Seeking Volunteers @ the Mustang Store in February 🙏

Hello Mustang Families!  Yuka here, chairperson for the Mustang Store experience.

SSPTA is excited to announce that the Mustang store will open on February 26, 27, & 28, 2024.  We are seeking volunteers to open the store for these three days. 

Your generous support makes a difference for our students and in their school lives. 📚

📌 Please sign up using the sign-up genius link. ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️


🆘🆘 More volunteers are needed.  🆘🆘

🌟🌟 Please sign up for AS MANY TIME SLOTS as you can! 🌟


🕰️ ⌛️⏰ If these time slots do not work for you and you are still interested in volunteering with your schedule, don't hesitate to get in touch with Yuka (Yuka0924@hotmail.com; 818-749-2203)!  Your help is greatly appreciated. 🕰️⌛️⏰

Share this link with your friends & other families who are interested in volunteering!  (Please remember, volunteers during the school day must be 18 or older, must be PTA members, and must have completed the district’s volunteer training online.  If you need a link to the district training, please request it from President@sspta.org.)


Looking forward to seeing you at the store! 😁



SSPTA Historian/Mustang Store chair 



4. Multicultural Fair (3/22) – Need country representatives and cultural performers!

The SSPTA will be hosting our Second Annual Multicultural Fair on Friday, March 22

  • During the school day – for students only

  • Approximately 5-7pm or so (…will confirm on the flyer!) in the MPR – for ALL

There are two pieces to this Fair.  During the school day, students will be able to visit the fair, visiting with representatives of various countries/cultures, either with their class and teacher or on their own during their recess time.  We will also be adding an evening portion to this event this year so students can bring you to share in what they’ve learned.  (This was highly requested by students last year who felt they didn’t have enough time to spend with all the different countries!)  The evening event will include the country and culture tables/booths and also add cultural performances on the MPR stage.

We are seeking:

  • Students who perform a culturally related skill, such as dancing, singing a song (or a national anthem), etc.  If you have a student who is interested in participating, please have them complete a short (no longer than 5 minutes) video submission and submit it to the Multicultural Fair chairperson by March 8.  Videos can be uploaded to Daynabelle’s Google Drive at https://bit.ly/42rrQtS

  • Adult volunteers who would like to represent a country.  Please email Daynabelle@gmail.com for more information or with any questions.


5. Talent Show (April 22-26) – Need volunteers and performers!

In April, Sulphur Springs Has Got Talent! returns to the MPR Stage.  We will be announcing more information for performers in late March, but students are welcome to start thinking about – and practicing – their acts now.  If you have any questions about the Talent Show/Variety Show, please reach out to the show director Rose McGee (818-818-9628) or the Talent Show Chairperson Kessa Taylor (K.TaylorMoore@gmail.com).

“Auditions” Save the Date, 4/9:  We expect our preview day to be Tuesday, April 9, after school, when students can come – with their adult/guardian – to show their talent to our show producer and director.  Students do not have to have their plan polished, but it’s useful if they know what they want to do, what music (if any) will be used, etc.  Students without a plan are also welcome to come, and the producer and director will look for ways to get them involved, either with others to perform as a group or perhaps to work backstage or with the audience.

Rehearsals will take place 4/15, 4/16, 4/22, 4/23, and 4/24 after school until around 4:15pm.  Students MUST be accompanied by an adult/guardian, so please plan ahead for this.  4/24 will be a dress rehearsal, where students will perform their acts in full costume, with props, etc.

Performances will take place during the school day (for students only) and during the evening (for families and friends) on Thursday, 4/25, and Friday, 4/26.  Evening performances will start at 6pm and will be an event to cherish.

To make this production the best that it can be, we are seeking a number of volunteers:

  • Backstage Supervisors – available for rehearsals, plus day and evening performances

  • Hair and Make-up Artists – available for both evening performances at a minimum

  • Sound Board Operator – available for rehearsals, plus day and evening performances

  • Videographer – available for both evening performances

  • Video Editor – to put together a quality video for performers and their families

If you are interested in any of these positions (or know a competent teenager who could help), please reach out to Rose McGee (818-818-9628) or Kessa Taylor (K.TaylorMoore@gmail.com) as soon as possible.

The Talent Show Committee is also looking for donations, in the following areas:

  • Construction materials (plywood, 2x4s, paint and rollers, glow tape)

  • Headset or lavaliere microphones (to borrow is fine, at least 4)

  • Food for performers on the nights of the evening shows 

  • Performing arts-type lessons, etc. for drawings/raffles at the evening shows (for example, one month of singing, piano, guitar, acting, dance, etc.; or a magic set, costume make-up, hair cut/style consultation, gift certificate to a costume store, headshot portrait session, or similar)

If you have any donations you are able to make or any contacts we should reach out to, please be in touch with Rose McGee (818-818-9628) or Kessa Taylor (K.TaylorMoore@gmail.com) to make arrangements for delivery as soon as possible.


6. Special Volunteer Recognition

Here are some of the amazing volunteers the SSPTA would like to recognize right now: 

Adrienne Andalon (T)

Angie Figueroa

Chrystal Ramos

Claudia Pineda

Daynabelle Anderson

Deering Viola

Emma Villavicencio (T)

Emily Jones

Erin Riley (T)

Gary Laramore

Heather Ippolito

Heidi Wiglitton

Jeanette James

Jen Heuseveldt (T)

Julie Ramey

Karen Fidaleo

Karen Preciado

Ken Newton (T)

Kessa Taylor

Kim Sperling

Leslie Powell

Mellissa de Conza

Nicole Burch

Nicole Carruth

Portia Franklin

Rose Carradine McGee

Shamsia Haque

Yuka Kawasaki

Yukari Louden

Yvette Spencer

(T) = A special thank you to our teacher members who are actively volunteering to support, run, or lead various PTA programs and special student opportunities.  You guys are awesome!

And, to all our teachers and staff, Principal Palacios, and our front office personnel:  

Thank you for your support!


7. List of Volunteer Needs

We have an immediate need for volunteers in the following areas.  If you would like to donate any amount of your time, please reach out to the contact listed:

  • Game Room (ongoing) – We have a volunteer coming once a week to play board games with the kids, and we have another volunteer coming once a week to do art projects with them.  This is during their lunch recess time, so approximately 12:15-1:35pm.  If you would like to help with these activities, or if you would like to run your own activity during this time, please email the Chair, Daynabelle Anderson, at daynabelle@gmail.com.  The PTA has board games available if you would like to do those with the kids, and we may have some budget to support new activities if you wanted to add something (like organized field games or Spanish conversation); just let us know!

  • Mustang Store (February 26-28) – For three days in February, the PTA creates a “store” where students can exchange their PRIDE Slips, earned for good behavior, for a variety of fun and exciting prizes.  We are looking for volunteers to help set up the store on Friday, February 23, and then to staff the store (never on your own) Monday through Wednesday.  This is a great way to meet other involved parents and to enjoy the smiles of our students.  To sign up, you can email the Chairperson, Yuka Kawasaki at Yuka0924@hotmail.com or text her at 818-749-2203.  You can also sign up online at: https://m.signupgenius.com/#!/showSignUp/409044BACA629A1F94-47510452-mustang 

  • Book Fair (March 4-7) – Our Book Fair Chairperson is now working full-time!  She needs help with everything:  setting up on March 1, manning the “store” and checking kids out with their purchases (March 4-7), and packing things up on March 8.  We don’t need anyone to commit to all of these days and hours, but we would love for as many people as possible to commit to an hour or two over the course of the week.  If you can pitch in, please contact Julie Ramey at JulieRamey@yahoo.com

  • Multicultural Fair (March 22) – This will be the second year of our amazing multicultural fair, sharing some of the cultures of our school with our students.  Last year, we had tables representing Argentina, Japan, Peru, and the Philippines.  If you would like to host a table for a country (educating students about local foods, clothing, music, customs, etc.), please be in touch with Daynabelle Anderson (daynabelle@gmail.com).  

    • If you don’t want to commit to hosting a table/country but would still like to help in some way, we would love that too!  Email Daynabelle, and she’ll help you figure out the best way you can contribute.

    • We are also considering an evening component where students, families, or groups could perform – music, dance, song, etc.  If you know of someone who might be interested in doing that, please contact Daynabelle.

  • Talent Show (April 22-26) – Contact Rose McGee (818-818-9628) or Kessa Taylor (K.TaylorMoore@gmail.com) to get more involved in our talent/variety show.

    • We need contacts with business owners who might be willing to donate construction materials (plywood, 2x4s, paint, etc.).

    • We are also seeking a volunteer who could help with filming and/or editing the students’ performances.  (We can probably get access to a camera or two, but we need someone who can use it and then ideally edit the recording so we can share it with families online – or on DVD.)

    • And, of course, we need people to help with make-up and hair, to supervise the kids backstage, and to help with our sound system during rehearsals and shows.

  • Spring Carnival (May 17) – This event requires a dedicated team of volunteers to coordinate food vendors, games, and fun activities for a fun family night.  The Spring Carnival is at risk of cancellation.  We do not currently have a Chairperson, nor a team of willing people to be key volunteers for this event.  If we do not have this team in place by February 15, the Carnival will not happen.  If you are interested in saving the Carnival, email President@sspta.org ASAP!


Ways to Connect with PTA:  


If you would like to know more about what the Sulphur Springs PTA does for our school, please check out:  https://www.sspta.org/pages/about-us
Email President@sspta.org with any questions!