Week 29 - Mar 17 - PTA Newsletter

Dear Sulphur Springs Parents and Guardians,


Congratulations to our new PTA leaders!  See the results of the 3/12 election below and learn how you can meet the new Officers of the Board and get involved in planning for next year.

Back by popular demand, the Multicultural Fair is this Friday!  Students can visit during the day, but we know they won’t be able to visit all nine country-booths we have represented.  Please plan to return to the MPR at 5pm on March 22, so you can share in their excitement.  There will be fun activities, cultural performances, and possibly a snack or two.

Speaking of performances… if you have a talent in your family, be sure to read below about our upcoming variety show in April, right after we get back from Spring Break.  If your little one has stage fright, we do have a video option.  Read below and/or contact Rose McGee (818-818-9628) for details.


4-Week Look Ahead

Next Week 

  • 3/25-3/29 – SSPTA Presents Women in History Week

  • 3/25 – Spring Picture Day (NEW DATE is Monday, March 25.)

  • 3/28, 7:30am – Site Council meeting, via Zoom (open to the public)

    • The link will be in the Mustang Message the week of the meeting.

  • 3/28 – Decades-Day Dress-Up Day – flapper, ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s, 1800s…

  • 3/29 – SSPTA Recycling Drop-Off at all 3 valets (morning only)

    • New volunteers are always welcome!  8:15am-8:55am

  • 3/29, 9am – Spirit Assembly

Week 3

Week 4

  • 4/9, 3:15pm – Talent Show “Auditions” in the MPR

    • All students must be accompanied by an adult.

    • If you cannot make this time or if you have any questions, please reach out to Rose McGee (818-818-9628) or Kessa Taylor (K.TaylorMoore@gmail.com).

    • A flyer will be coming home before Spring Break.  Please complete that form, send in your child’s music, and return the form ASAP.


Table of Contents

1. PTA Elections and Annual Meeting Results

2. Multicultural Fair – 3/22, 5pm

3. Women in History Presentations

4. Talent Show Reminders – Important Dates

5. Special Volunteer Recognition – Thank you!

6. List of Volunteer Needs


1. PTA Elections and Annual Meeting Results

Congratulations to the SSPTA Board-Elect for the 2024-2025 school year:

  • President – Kim Sperling

  • Vice President – Chrystal Ramos

  • Secretary – Rebekah Child

  • Treasurer – Jamie Fisher

  • Financial Reviewer – Crystal Bennett

  • Historian – Bailey Johnson

In addition to electing next year’s leaders, we also discussed upcoming events for the Spring and set up planning committees for next year’s calendar and next year’s budget.  If you would like to get involved with planning for next year, please email your incoming President at Sperling.Kimberly@yahoo.com.  

They are also looking for interested persons to lead events and standing committees for next year.  (Standing committees are ones that go all year, versus a one-time event.)  Contact Kim if you want to learn more about opportunities in:  Membership, Communications, Hospitality, Room Parent Coordinator, Fundraising, Spirit Wear, Recycling, Mustang Student Store, Restaurant Night, Trunk or Treat, Sweetheart Breakfast, Carnival, etc.

We also invite you to meet the board at our next Association Meeting on Tuesday, May 14.  The Board-Elect will present a draft calendar and budget for the following school year, and we will honor all our volunteers who have devoted so much time and energy into creating a warm and welcoming community for our Mustang families all year.  We hope to see you there!  

(More information, including a location and exact time will be sent out in April.  Think lunch.)

2. Multicultural Fair – 3/22, 5pm

The SSPTA will be hosting our Second Annual Multicultural Fair on Friday, March 22:

  • During the school day – for students only (and table/booth volunteers).

  • In the evening, 5-7pm, in the MPR – for ALL.  Please plan to join us!

We have nine countries being represented this year:  Afghanistan, Argentina, Armenia, Bangladesh, India, Japan, Mexico, Peru, and Philippines.

During the school day, students will be able to visit the fair, visiting with representatives of the various countries/cultures, either with their class and teacher or on their own during their recess time.  

We have also added an evening portion to the event this year so students can bring you back to share in what they’ve learned.  (This was highly requested by students last year who felt they didn’t have enough time during the day to spend with all the different countries!  And we have even MORE countries this year…so save the date!)  The evening event will include information and activities at each country table as well as cultural performances.

If you would like to host a table or perform at the evening portion of this event next year, please contact the Chairperson, Daynabelle Anderson, at daynabelle@gmail.com.  She will make sure that you are contacted.  We would love to have you join us!


3. Women in History Presentations

SSPTA presents Women in History during the last week of March each year.  Our theme this year is famous female chefs.  On each day of the week (March 25-29), a volunteer will come into school and represent a different chef – 5 chefs in total (Julia Child, Debbie (Mrs.) Fields, Rachael Ray, Leah Chase, and Helena Darrose).  Our volunteers will act the part of that chef, dressing in costume and telling students a little about her history, her struggles, and her achievements.  We also hope to have a small thematic treat for each student, so they can taste the kind of food each chef is famous for.

If you would like to be involved, as a volunteer presenter or by securing food donations, please reach out to our Chairperson, Mellissa de Conza at mellissadeconza@gmail.com.  We are also looking for people who might be interested for next year – either in shaping the content of this week (choosing a theme, doing research, writing scripts, selecting costumes, deciding on goodies for the kids) or as a presenter.  Just email Mellissa or text her at 661-373-0284.


4. Talent Show Reminders – Important Dates

In April, Sulphur Springs Has Got Talent! returns to the MPR Stage.  

4/9 is “Auditions”:  After school, students can come – with their adult/guardian – to show their talent to our show producer and director.  Students do not have to have their act polished, but it’s useful if they know what they want to do, what music (if any) will be used, etc.  Students without a plan are also welcome, and the producer and director will look for ways to get them involved, either to perform with others as a group or to work backstage or with the audience.  If you cannot attend this time, please contact Rose McGee (818-818-9628).

Rehearsals will take place 4/15, 4/16, 4/22, 4/23, and 4/24 immediately after school until around 4:15pm.  Students MUST be accompanied by an adult/guardian, so please plan ahead for this.  (Our PTA volunteers are not allowed to supervise your children, per school rules.)  4/24 will be a longer dress rehearsal, where students will perform their acts in full costume, with props, etc.

Performances will take place during the school day (for students only) and during the evening (for families and friends) on Thursday, 4/25, and Friday, 4/26.  Evening performances will start at 5:30pm and will be an event to cherish.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact Rose McGee (818-818-9628).

A limited number of video and visual artwork entries will also be accepted.  For example, talents around cooking, decorating, leading a tutorial, or building in Lego, which don’t translate well to the stage.  If your student is interested in submitting a recorded talent or a piece of art, please text Rose for details.  Video recordings are due Monday, April 8.


5. Special Volunteer Recognition

Here are some of the amazing volunteers the SSPTA would like to recognize right now: 

Thank you to everyone who attended our association-wide meeting on Tuesday, who worked to secure great nominees for next year’s Board, and who got elected to lead!  Thank you also to our regular volunteers who keep things running behind the scenes (with meetings, money, media, and so much more – Game Room, Great Artist Program, Recycling, etc.!).

Adrienne Andalon (T)

Bailey Johnson

Chrystal Ramos

Daynabelle Anderson

Deering Viola

Emma Villavicencio (T)

Emily Jones

Erin Riley (T)

Gary Laramore

Heather Ippolito

Heidi Wiglitton

Jada Dunn (T)

Jamie Fisher

Jen Heuseveldt (T)

Jennifer Ortiz

Jessica Coleman

Jillian Miracle

Karen Fidaleo

Karen Preciado

Ken Newton (T)

Kim Sperling

Leslie Powell

Mellissa de Conza

Nicole Burch

Nicole Carruth

Portia Franklin

Rose Carradine McGee

Shamsia Haque

Sophia Leao (T)

Yuka Kawasaki

Yukari Murase-Louden

Yvette Spencer

(T) = A special thank you to our teacher members who are actively volunteering to support, run, or lead various PTA programs and special student opportunities.  You guys are awesome!

And, to all our teachers and staff, Principal Katie Palacios, Administrative Support Person Monica Rodriguez-Grubbs, and our front office personnel (Dionne Hinson, Holly Slocum-Reyes, and Gale Tripp):  Thank you for your support!


6. List of Volunteer Needs

We have an immediate need for volunteers in the following areas.  If you would like to donate any amount of your time, please reach out to the contact listed:

  • Women in History Week (3/25-3/29) – Email Mellissa de Conza (mellissadeconza@gmail.com) or text Rose McGee at 818-818-9628.

  • Talent Show (April 22-26) – Text Rose McGee (818-818-9628) or email Kessa Taylor (K.TaylorMoore@gmail.com) to get more involved in our talent/variety show.

    • We need contacts with business owners who might be willing to donate construction materials (plywood, 2x4s, paint and rollers, glow tape, etc.).

    • We are also seeking a volunteer who could help with filming and/or editing the students’ performances.  (We have one person and would love another.)

    • And, of course, we need people to help with make-up and hair, to supervise the kids backstage, and to help with our sound system during rehearsals and shows.  Even if you can’t commit to every rehearsal and show, please let us know where you can help!


Ways to Connect with PTA:  


If you would like to know more about what the Sulphur Springs PTA does for our school, please check out:  https://www.sspta.org/pages/about-us

Email President@sspta.org with any questions