Week 32 - Apr 14 - PTA Newsletter

Dear Sulphur Springs Parents and Guardians,


If your child wants to participate in the talent show, please plan to attend rehearsal THIS MONDAY, right after school – 3:15pm in the MPR.  If you have any questions, text or call Rose Carradine McGee at 661-644-7779.

We are also excited to start planning for Teacher (and Staff) Appreciation Week.  If you would like to get involved – by donating or volunteering – please be in touch with the chairpersons of that event:  Kim Sperling (sperlingjbk@yahoo.com) and Nicole Carruth (Nicole.Carruth1@gmail.com).  

You can also sign up with your Room Parent to get involved with door decorations and other festive plans – or sign up online at https://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080549ABA82AA3FB6-48957991-world

4-Week Look Ahead

This Week

  • 4/15, 3:15pm – SSPTA Talent Show Rehearsals in the MPR (until 4:15pm)

    • Contact Rose ASAP if your student still wants to participate but didn’t attend the audition (or didn’t send in their video/art).  Text or call 661-644-7779.

    • All students must be accompanied by an adult.

  • 4/16, 3:15pm – SSPTA Talent Show Rehearsals in the MPR (until 4:15pm)

    • All students must be accompanied by an adult.

  • 4/17 – SSPTA Restaurant Night at MB2, 3-8pm

    • Please deposit your receipt in the box on the patio; that’s how they know how much to donate back to us!

    • We will also be selling $10 play cards in front of school.  We earn 50% back on each of those play cards, so you’re helping out the PTA (at no additional cost)!

  • 4/18 – Minimum Day, student dismissal at 12:45pm

  • 4/18, 6-7pm – Open House Night on campus

  • 4/19 – SSPTA Recycling Drop-Off at all 3 valets (morning only) – NEW DATE

    • New volunteers are always welcome!  8:15am-8:55am.  We’ll see you there!

  • 4/19 – Mad Science Assembly for all students, paid for by the PTA

  • 4/19 – Final Yearbook Sales!  Be sure to reserve yours now, limited inventory.


  • 4/20 – PTA Bowling – $15/per person includes bowling, shoe rental, and food; please pay in advance at the front office or be in touch with Mrs. Leao to RSVP.



Next Week 

  • 4/22, 3:15pm – SSPTA Talent Show Rehearsals in the MPR (until 4:15pm)

    • All students must be accompanied by an adult.

  • 4/23, 3:15pm – SSPTA Talent Show Rehearsals in the MPR (until 4:15pm)

    • All students must be accompanied by an adult.

  • 4/24, 2:15pm – SSPTA Talent Show DRESS REHEARSAL in the MPR (until 4:15pm)

    • All students must be accompanied by an adult.

    • Remember your costume, props, etc.  This is a dress rehearsal.

  • 4/25, 7:30am – Site Council meeting, via Zoom (open to the public)

    • The link will be in the Mustang Message from Principal Palacios that week.

  • 4/25, 5:30pm – SSPTA Talent Show Opening Night Performance

    • Join us in the MPR for an evening of talent and amazement!

  • 4/26, 9am – Spirit Assembly

  • 4/26, 5:30pm – SSPTA Talent Show Closing Night Performance

    • Join us in the MPR for an evening of talent and amazement!


Week 3


Week 4

  • 5/10, 5:30pm – Family Dance in the MPR (Mardi Gras theme)

    • Look for the flyer coming soon with details on how to RSVP and what to bring.


Table of Contents

1. Talent Show – Seeking performers, crew, and volunteers!

2. Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week – Volunteers Needed!

3. Weekly Volunteer Recognition – Thank you!

4. List of Urgent Volunteer Needs

1. Talent Show – Seeking performers, crew, and volunteers!

If your student wants to be in The Variety Show, they still can register by filling out the permission slip and being at our first rehearsal from 3:15-4:15PM this Monday April 15 after school in the MPR.  We will have extra permission slips at rehearsal. 

If your 5th or 6th grader is interested in leadership, filming, editing, lighting or backstage crew, then they can be part of our production team and back stage crew.  Then fill out the permission slip at rehearsals. 

We are also looking for adult volunteers to help put on the show.  From filming, lighting, running our spotlight, managing student holding or helping with ticket sells, concessions, or helping with makeup and hair. 

Video submission need to be two (2) minutes or less, appropriate material for elementary school, and sent on a flash drive.  Video submissions can be a short film you made at home a cooking tutorial, or a special skill or talent you can't show on stage. 

Art submissions can be a video of your student doing art or a tutorial sent in a video on a flash drive two (2) minutes or less.  Your student can have the art displayed on the projector screen and be on stage with a mic to speak about the piece.  Or you can submit a 30 second video of the art with the name of the artist the name of piece and a description. 

If your student’s talent is something that they are able to do on stage then we would want them to participate on stage with the rest of our cast.

If you or your student would like to be involved in anyway we look forward to seeing you Monday in the MPR after school at 3:15-4:15PM.

All cast, crew and volunteers in the variety show part will be videotaped and pictures will be taken to be used for PTA.

If your student needs accommodations to be able to be part of the show our goal is to make the variety show accessible to all students. If you have any questions about how your student can be involved, you can call or text.  Rose Carradine McGee (661-644-7779)


2. Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week – Volunteers Needed!

Our theme this year is:  "Best Teachers & Staff in the WHOLE WORLD!" 

We greatly appreciate your participation and look forward to working with all of you to create a fun and memorable appreciation week for our Teachers and Staff.

Following tradition, we will be Door Decorating on Monday, April 29, starting at 7:30am!

Help us transform our campus into "World Travel Destinations".  Your door design can be your dream vacation destination or your Teacher's!  We recommend creating a design that can arrive to school on Monday, April 29, mostly pre-assembled, and having a 2-person team definitely makes the installation easier! Signs must be hung on doors with painter's tape. 

Now is a great time to start brainstorming your design and reaching out for other volunteers and donations from your class.  If you have any questions, please reach out to your Room Parent.  If you don’t have a Room Parent – or don’t know how to get in touch with them – please contact the Teacher Appreciation Week Co-Chairpersons:  

Or you can sign up online at https://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080549ABA82AA3FB6-48957991-world.

Kim and Nicole are also working on other ways to spoil our teachers – from treats and goodies in the break room to a catered lunch, special breakfast, and more.  If you have ideas (or contacts for donations), please reach out to Kim and/or Nicole right away!


3. Weekly Volunteer Recognition

In case you haven’t noticed, this list of volunteers is updated weekly to highlight the efforts of all the individuals who come together to make our SSPTA events happen.

Thank you to all our PTA volunteers for your work this past school week on:  the Great Artist Program, the Sulphur Springs’ Got Talent variety show, Yearbook, Game Room (and Art Room!), and planning for future events.

Here are some of the amazing volunteers the SSPTA would like to recognize right now: 

Adrienne Andalon (T)

Chrystal Ramos

Deering Viola

Emma Villavicencio (T)

Emily Jones

Erin Riley (T)

Gary Laramore

Jada Dunn (T)

Jen Heuseveldt (T)

Jennifer Ortiz

Karen Preciado

Ken Newton (T)

Kim Sperling

Mellissa de Conza

Nicole Burch

Nicole Carruth

Portia Franklin

Rose Carradine McGee

Shamsia Haque

Sophia Leao (T)

Yuka Kawasaki

Yukari Murase-Louden

Yvette Spencer

(T) = A special thank you to our teacher members who are actively volunteering to support, run, or lead various PTA programs and special student opportunities.  You guys are awesome!

And, to all our teachers and staff, Principal Katie Palacios, Administrative Support Monica Rodriguez-Grubbs, and our front office personnel (Dionne Hinson, Holly Slocum-Reyes, and Gale Tripp):  Thank you for your support!

4. List of Urgent Volunteer Needs

We have an immediate need for volunteers in the following areas.  If you would like to donate any amount of your time, please reach out to the contact listed:

  • Talent Show (April 22-26) – Rose Carradine McGee (661-644-7779)

    • We need contacts with business owners who might be willing to donate construction materials (plywood, 2x4s, paint and rollers, glow tape, etc.).

    • And, of course, we need people to help with make-up and hair, to supervise the kids backstage, and to help with our sound system during rehearsals and shows.  Even if you can’t commit to every rehearsal and show, please let us know where you can help!

  • Teacher Appreciation Week (April 29-May 3) – Co-Chairs Kim Sperling (sperlingjbk@yahoo.com) and Nicole Carruth (Nicole.Carruth1@gmail.com)

    • We have lots of exciting and fun plans to spoil our teachers and staff.  If you would like to get involved – or to make a donation – please reach out to the co-chairs listed above or your Room Parent.

Ways to Connect with PTA:  https://www.sspta.org/pages/ways-to-connect-with-sspta

You can join our PTA with an $8 Membership at https://jointotem.com/ca/canyon-country/sulphur-springs-community-school-pta/join/register     

If you would like to know more about what the Sulphur Springs PTA does for our school, please check out:  https://www.sspta.org/pages/about-us

Email President@sspta.org with any questions!