Week 38 - May 26 - PTA Newsletter

Dear Sulphur Springs Parents and Guardians,

Congratulations to Mrs. Henderson’s class!  They had the most attendees at McTeacher Night and were awarded a free meal for each student from McDonald’s.  Those certificates went home Friday.  (If your student is in Mrs. Henderson’s class and they were absent on Friday, she has the certificates and will be sure to send them home this week.)

We also want to send a special congratulations to our teacher and staff Founders’ Day Award recipients and honored volunteers.  We have included their names in our write-up below.  They were honored on Friday at the AR Awards Assembly, and we had lunch delivered to them at school.  These teachers truly go above and beyond what is expected.

Reminder:  Tuesday, May 28, is our Mustang Day of Fun.  During the school day, the PTA will be hosting special activities including field games, water games, inflatable sports games, a DJ with dancing and interactive competitions, craft projects, Domino’s pizza (students are eligible to receive up to 2 pieces of pizza at no charge, served in the lunch line), and a special visit by the Kona Ice truck for flavored shaved ices (also at no charge).

Lastly, it is with regret that we announce the SSPTA Recycling Program has finished for the school year.  There will be NO recycling drop-off on Friday.  If you would like to take your CRV bottles and cans to the recycling center, we would gladly accept what you earn!  We are hoping to continue the recycling program in the Fall, but we do not currently have a chairperson to take this on.  If you are interested in learning more about this leadership opportunity, please contact Kim Sperling or Chrystal Ramos (or email President@sspta.org). 

4-Week Look-Ahead

This Week

  • Yearbooks are on sale until supplies run out!  (To be delivered June 3.)


  • 5/27 – No School, Memorial Day

  • 5/28 – Mustang Day of Fun, hosted by the PTA. 

    • If you are interested in getting involved, please email President@sspta.org.

    • We are in need of 3 pop-up tents for shade, if you have one we can borrow.


  • 5/29 – SSPTA Mustang Store, 12:30-2:00pm

  • 5/30, 7:30am – School Site Council meeting on Zoom

    • The link is in this week’s Mustang Message (Tuesday because of the holiday).

  • 5/30 – SSPTA Mustang Store, 12:30-3:00pm

  • 5/31, 9am – Spirit Assembly with 6th Grade Awards

  • 5/31 – SSPTA Mustang Store, 10:30am-3:00pm

Next Week 

  • 6/3 – SSPTA Mustang Store, 9:00am-1:00pm; then clean-up (for the year!)

  • 6/6 – Last day of school; MINIMUM DAY, students are dismissed at 12:45pm

Week 3-4

  • Happy Summer!  Our first PTA Meeting of the year will take place at 9am on the first day of school (right after the Principal’s Welcome Back).  We hope to see you there!

Table of Contents

1. Founders’ Day Awards Recipients – Teachers and Staff

2. Weekly Volunteer Recognition – Thank you!

3. List of Urgent Volunteer Needs

- Spring Carnival Replacement (“Mustang Day of Fun”)

- Mustang Store

1. Founders’ Day Awards Recipients – Teachers and Staff

Founders’ Day is special day of celebration for the PTA, as it is when we celebrate the legacy and work of our founders – Alice McLellan Birney, Phoebe Apperson Hearst, and Selena Sloan Butler – in improving the lives of all children and their families.  Sulphur Springs PTA continues this tradition by recognizing some of our volunteers who have made an exceptional impact on our school community.

While all of the teachers here have been supportive of our events and have helped to communicate with our Mustang families about the fun things the PTA has planned, there are a few teachers who have gone above and beyond – over and over again.  The recipients below were selected by the Volunteer Recognition Committee of the Sulphur Springs PTA with input from teachers, staff, and administrators at the school.

Continuing Service Award – The Continuing Service Award is given to individuals for their outstanding and ongoing or long-time service to youth, providing support year after year.  This is the highest honor awarded to our teachers this year.

Mrs. Woolner

  • Mrs. Woolner is a dedicated teacher who works tirelessly to ensure that all children have the resources and support they need to learn and thrive in her classroom.  She has been a voice for those who can't advocate for themselves for many years. 

  • She spends countless after-school hours serving as a liaison between our school and parents, identifying potential problems that could challenge a child's specific educational needs, and ensuring that any necessary services and resources are provided. 

  • In addition to her teaching role, Mrs. Woolner also actively contributes to the PTA, where her infectious positivity and willingness to assist at various events have made her a cherished figure.  She is fun, trustworthy, and beloved by all the students.  

  • Mrs. Woolner’s calm yet passionate demeanor and perseverance have built a foundation for an educational community full of support and friendship.  She is an invaluable asset to our school.  

  • Thank you to Mrs. Woolner – for all that you have done for so many years.  And congratulations on being recognized for your hard work and your ongoing efforts with this prestigious award. 

Mrs. Leao 

  • Mrs. Leao has been an instrumental figure in our educational community, taking on a pivotal role in mentoring new teachers and spearheading efforts to shape and enhance our school's culture.  Her dedication to empowering and supporting new teachers is evident through her willingness to share essential resources, to recommend professional development opportunities, and to deliver unwavering support.  With her guidance, many new teachers have been able to create positive and conducive classroom environments, positively impacting so many children.

  • Not only does Mrs. Leao devote herself to the professional development of other teachers, but she also actively involves herself in the physical aspects of the school environment, by helping to organize and remodel classrooms, and in the mental and emotional aspects, for example, by offering her support and leadership to the Sunshine Club, a group of teachers and staff who work to ensure our school environment is also a warm and inclusive place to work. 

  • Additionally, Mrs. Leao’s involvement in the PTA showcases her commitment to the wider school community.  She generously volunteered to organize and lead this year’s son-bowling event, investing her time and energy to ensure it was a truly memorable occasion for all participants, and she has been pivotal to the planning of the upcoming promotion party for our 6th graders.

  • Congratulations to Mrs. Leao on your outstanding achievement, and thank you for all your energy and time in the way you shape our school for others.

Honorary Service Award – The Honorary Service Award is given to individuals for their exceptional dedication and outstanding service to children and youth in the community, regularly going above and beyond what is asked of them.  

Mr. Newton

  • Mr. Newton is a dedicated and passionate educator who consistently demonstrates exceptional commitment to improving the school experience for both students and staff.  

  • He creates captivating and informative school podcasts that cover a wide range of topics, from educational content to student achievements and upcoming events. 

  • He oversees our team of student volunteers who deliver dynamic and engaging morning announcements that energize the school community each day.

  • He also takes a hands-on approach to fostering a positive school environment by organizing a variety of Student Council activities that encourage teamwork, creativity, and inclusivity.  

  • Mr. Newton’s efforts extend beyond the school gates as he actively participates in Read Across America events, inspiring a love for reading and learning in students and promoting community engagement.

  • His exceptional leadership and inclusive methods have left a lasting and transformative impact on our school community, fostering a strong sense of togetherness, collaboration, and happiness among students, staff, and families alike.

  • We hope that you have had the opportunity to recognize Mr. Newton’s efforts, specifically his enthusiasm and his passion, and his desire to share those with all our students and to continuously advocate for student well-being.

  • Congratulations, Mr. Newton, on receiving the Honorary Service Award – from us at the SSPTA and also from the 34th District of California’s PTA.  You deserve it.

Mr. Sean McNerney

  • Mr. Sean is a passionate advocate for autism awareness and acceptance.  

  • He has been hard at work creating a welcoming environment on our campus, for our students and their families, and his efforts have not gone unnoticed.

  • He is dedicated to ensuring that our autistic students and their families have access to a wide range of support services, including educational programs tailored to their specific needs, various therapeutic interventions, and access to important community resources. 

  • Mr. Sean also promotes Morning Math, sharing his time and energy to encourage an interest in mathematics among students and to support their success in a subject many students find challenging. 

  • In addition, Mr. Sean’s presence on campus is characterized by his infectious positivity and warm smiles, which contribute to creating a kind and inclusive environment for everyone. 

  • Thank you, Mr. Sean, for fostering a sense of belonging and for creating a supportive network at Sulphur Springs.  And, congratulations on receiving the Honorary Service Award this year.

SSPTA Special Recognition Award – This award was created by our PTA to honor those individuals on our campus who may not have received a Founders’ Day Award but who we recognize as essential partners to our mission.  The people listed below have taken on multiple roles and/or have served those roles in an exemplary fashion.

Mrs. Malcolm

Mrs. Malcolm plays a crucial role for our PTA by providing support to our events and programs and by serving as a vital link between teachers and our PTA.  Her dedication and ongoing effort help to ensure effective communication and collaboration between teachers, staff, and our PTA, fostering a strong and supportive educational community.

Mrs. Hinson

Mrs. Hinson is also a dedicated supporter of our PTA.  Her work in the office plays a crucial role in fostering communication between teachers and our PTA, ensuring that everyone is aligned and informed about important school matters. Mrs. Hinson also helps to coordinate our SSPTA events with the school’s very busy calendar and makes sure we get the custodial support we need.  It may not be glamorous, but we couldn’t do all that we do with the support of our office staff, and especially Mrs. Hinson.

Ms. Villavicencio

Ms. V is a highly dedicated and enthusiastic teacher who plays a vital role in supporting our school’s Spirit Squad.  With a focus on teaching dance and choreography, Ms. V goes above and beyond by supervising weekly after-school practices and providing personalized attention to each student.  Her efforts contribute not only to the development of cheer skills but also to the cultivation of a strong sense of community within her team.  Ms. V’s unwavering commitment and passion have had a significant impact on our school district’s only cheer squad as well as on the entire school community.

Mrs. Riley

Since her arrival at our school, Mrs. Riley has regularly shared her past experiences from other schools and her new ideas for what else we could do – all in the vein of supporting of our PTA.  She also stepped up in a big way, taking on the responsibility of creating engaging and visually appealing graphics for our social media partway through the year and ensuring that our social media content is regularly updated to keep our audience (your parents!) informed about PTA events and news.  She additionally co-leads our Student Council with Mr. Newton.  We greatly appreciate Mrs. Riley’s commitment to supporting and improving our PTA, and we can’t wait to hear what else she has to share with us. 

Ms. Heid Wiglitton

You may know our next recipient, Ms. Heidi, as the really fun person at the science lab, but before she started that job this year, she was our PTA membership coordinator.  Her responsibilities included developing and executing a comprehensive membership plan and actively promoting membership initiatives all year.  While Ms. Heidi is a dedicated science teacher who consistently brings joy and enthusiasm to her students, we are most excited when she can share her time to help the PTA with on-campus and off-campus events.  

Mrs. Dunn

When our PTA could not find a parent to coordinate either of our two annual events for the whole family, Mrs. Dunn graciously volunteered to take charge of the daughter-dance event, pouring her heart and soul into making it a truly memorable occasion for everyone involved.  Mrs. Dunn’s outgoing demeanor not only serves as a role-model for strong teacher engagement but has also motivated parents to actively participate with the PTA in a multitude of capacities.  We owe her a ton of thanks.

2. Weekly Volunteer Recognition

Thank you to all our PTA volunteers for your work this past school week on:  Game Room (and Art Room!), the Great Artist Program, and preparing for the Mustang Day of Fun and our upcoming Mustang Store!  Thank you also to the PTA Board members who planned for and attended our marathon meeting this past week (3.5 hours!).

Here are our amazing volunteers that the SSPTA would like to recognize right now: 

Adrienne Andalon (T)

Bailey Johnson

Chrystal Ramos

Claudia Pineda

Crystal Bennett

Deb Ortiz

Deering Viola

Emily Jones

Erin Riley (T)

Gerry Snider

Jen Heuseveldt (T)

Jessica Coleman

Karen Preciado

Ken Newton (T)

Kim Sperling

Lilliana our Lunch Lady

Mellissa de Conza

Nicole Burch

Nicole Carruth

Portia Franklin

Rose Carradine McGee

Shamsia Haque

Yuka Kawasaki

Yukari Murase-Louden

Yvette Spencer

(T) = A special thank you to our teacher members who are actively volunteering to support, run, or lead various PTA programs and special student opportunities.  You guys are awesome!

And, to all our teachers and staff, Principal Katie Palacios, and our front office personnel (Dionne Hinson, Holly Slocum-Reyes, and Gale Tripp):  Thank you for your support!

3. List of Urgent Volunteer Needs

We have an immediate need for volunteers in the following areas.  If you would like to donate any amount of your time, please reach out to the contact listed:

  • Mustang Day of Fun (May 28), hosted by the PTA

    • If you are interested in getting involved, please email President@sspta.org.

    • We are having a DJ, playing some games, doing some water-based activities, providing a sweet treat, arranging for seconds on pizza, etc.

    • We need at least three pop-up tents to borrow.


  • Mustang Store (May 29-31; June 3) – Yuka Kawasaki, Chairperson (818-749-2203)

    • Wednesday, 5/29, 12:30-2:00pm

    • Thursday, 5/30, 12:30-3:00pm

    • Friday, 5/31, 10:00-3:00pm

    • Monday, 6/3, 9:00am-1:00pm and then clean-up

Ways to Connect with PTA:  https://www.sspta.org/pages/ways-to-connect-with-sspta

You can join our PTA with an $8 Membership at https://jointotem.com/ca/canyon-country/sulphur-springs-community-school-pta/join/register     

If you would like to know more about what the Sulphur Springs PTA does for our school, please check out:  https://www.sspta.org/pages/about-us

Email President@sspta.org with any questions!
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