4/1 – Last day to submit photos for the 2022-2023 Yearbook

Candid pictures for the yearbook are due Saturday, April 1!  
We are looking for photos of kids at class parties, at the school dance, during dress-up days, from the Talent Show, at the Sweetheart Breakfast, and so on.  We’ve been collecting these all year and organizing them into the yearbook, and now we have to send that yearbook to the printers so the books can get made and shipped back to us before the end of the school year.  
We want all students to be included in these fun pictures, so please send us what you have.  (We love it if you can tell us what the event is and who the kids in the pictures are – their names, grades, and teachers – but we’ll take your pictures even if you don’t want to type out all that information!). 
Email pictures to ss.yearbook.pics@gmail.com

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