4/13 – Last day to buy a yearbook.

We are placing our order for this year’s yearbooks, for the 2022-2023 school-year.  
This is your last chance to order a yearbook for the current school year.  The cost is $30 per book.
If you have not done so, order your yearbook now.  (If you aren’t sure if you already ordered one, email the PTA President Jessica, and she’ll look it up for you – President@sspta.org.)  
Every year, we have multiple flyers for the yearbook, we have them on sale at the SSPTA.org website, we remind people in our newsletter and on social media... And then we order the yearbooks and deliver them, and THEN many people realize they really did want a yearbook.  Don’t be that person.  
If you want a yearbook or think you might want a yearbook, reserve one now.  A flyer went home just before Spring Break, or you can order it online – https://www.sspta.org/collections/yearbook/products/2022-2023-yearbook-1.  
Please know:  when we run out of yearbooks, that’s it, there won’t be anymore.  We are not ordering more yearbooks!  Consider this your Last Call.  We need to receive your yearbook purchase ASAP….  
We are asking for all orders to be placed by 3pm on Thursday, April 13th.  We will place our order on April 15th, so please do not be late.  
We don’t want you – or your student… – to miss out!  Order your yearbook now:   https://www.sspta.org/products/2022-2023-yearbook-1


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