How to Donate to the PTA?

We've been getting lots of questions about how people can donate to our PTA.  Here's the link, or you can go to our website – – and click on Donate Now!  Please feel free to share this link with family and friends who might want to contribute.  Grandparents especially keep asking us when they see us on campus… (hint hint – send it to them!)


We have also had a number of purchases made from our Amazon wish list.  I won’t list names here because I didn’t ask permission to share them, but thank you so much for the copy paper, construction paper, books for the library, glue, erasers, pencils, and other school supplies!  (You will be sure to see many more colorful flyers from the PTA!  And I know the teachers really appreciate the school supplies.  If you’d like to support our library more, please check out the book fair information below.  Our “profit” all goes to the school library for books.)


    Thank you!!!

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