List of Volunteer Needs

We have an immediate need for volunteers in the following areas.  If you would like to donate any amount of your time, please reach out to the contact listed:


  • Mustang Store (February 26-28) – For three days in February, the PTA creates a “store” where students can exchange their PRIDE Slips, earned for good behavior, for a variety of fun and exciting prizes.  We are looking for volunteers to help set up the store on Friday, February 23, and then to staff the store (never on your own) Monday through Wednesday.  This is a great way to meet other involved parents and to enjoy the smiles of our students.  To sign up, you can email the Chairperson, Yuka Kawasaki at or text her at 818-749-2203.  You can also sign up online at:!/showSignUp/409044BACA629A1F94-47510452-mustang 


  • Book Fair (March 4-7) – Our Book Fair Chairperson is now working full-time!  She needs help with everything:  setting up on February 29, previewing the store (helping kids pre-select what they would like) March 1, manning the “store” and checking kids out with their purchases (March 4-7), and packing things up on March 8.  We don’t need anyone to commit to all of these days and hours, but we would love for as many people as possible to commit to an hour or two over the course of the week.  If you can pitch in, please contact Julie Ramey at or sign up online at:


  • Multicultural Fair (March 22) – This will be the second year of our amazing multicultural fair, sharing some of the cultures of our school with our students.  Last year, we had tables representing Argentina, Japan, Peru, and the Philippines.  If you would like to host a table for a country (educating students about local foods, clothing, music, customs, etc.), please be in touch with Daynabelle Anderson (  

    • If you don’t want to commit to hosting a table/country but would still like to help in some way, we would love that too!  Email Daynabelle, and she’ll help you figure out the best way you can contribute.

    • We are also considering an evening component where students, families, or groups could perform – music, dance, song, etc.  If you know of someone who might be interested in doing that, please contact Daynabelle.


  • Talent Show (April 22-26) – Contact Rose McGee (818-818-9628) or Kessa Taylor ( to get more involved in our talent/variety show.

    • We need contacts with business owners who might be willing to donate construction materials (plywood, 2x4s, paint, etc.) or headset mics.

    • We are also seeking a volunteer who could help with filming and/or editing the students’ performances.  (We can probably get access to a camera or two, but we need someone who can use it and then ideally edit the recording so we can share it with families online – or on DVD.)

    • And, of course, we need people to help with make-up and hair, to supervise the kids backstage, and to help with our sound system during rehearsals and shows.  Even if you can’t commit to every rehearsal and show, please let us know where you can help!


  • Game Room (ongoing) – We have a volunteer coming once a week to play board games with the kids, and we have another volunteer coming once a week to do art projects with them.  This is during their lunch recess time, so approximately 12:15-1:35pm.  If you would like to help with these activities, or if you would like to run your own activity during this time, please email the Chairperson, Daynabelle Anderson, at, to coordinate.  The PTA has board games available if you would like to do those with the kids, and we may have some budget to support new activities if you wanted to add something (like organized field games or Spanish conversation); just let us know!

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