Mustang Roundup Planning Meeting - all are invited, 3/14 right after school

In the Fall, the PTA traditionally hosts a gala-type fundraiser with a live and silent auction.  It’s a super-fun, usually adults-only event, that is a fun way to kick off the school year.  We have not had a proper Roundup in several years, and we would love to bring It back.  To do that, we need a team.  (That’s where you come in.)

This Tuesday, right after pick-up, please join the Mustang Roundup Planning Committee in Bungalow 41 for its first meeting in four years!  We are planning a quick meet-and-greet, where people who might be interested in maybe getting involved in some way can meet each other and start to put a plan together for an amazing party.  We’ll be brainstorming ideas for a venue, a theme, what to include, and maybe even which businesses to reach out to for donations for the auctions.

     There is no commitment on your end.  You can come to this meeting and stay for five minutes or the whole time.  You can come today and never see us again.  (Though we hope you will!)  You can share ideas or stay silent and watch from the background.  You can volunteer for more tasks as we move forward — or not.  You  do not need to be a PTA member to attend this meeting.

We will have light snacks for you and your kids, and we can put on a movie for them to watch while we talk.  Join us!  We’d love to see you there.

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