Mustang Store

Unlock the magic of good citizenship at our school with the coveted Mustang PRIDE slips! Picture this: students spreading kindness like confetti, lending a hand to younger peers, and even playing superhero by cleaning up messes they didn't create. These remarkable acts don't go unnoticed; they earn students those sought-after red tickets.

This is the moment when your little ones can cash in their hard-earned Mustang PRIDE slips for an array of fantastic prizes. Imagine a treasure trove filled with stickers that sparkle, yo-yos and bouncy balls that defy gravity, pens that could write a best-seller – it's a prize paradise! And remember, the bigger the prize, the more tickets it costs.

Teachers sign up to bring their entire class, and individual students can sneak in during their lunch recess for a shopping spree of a lifetime.

However, to make this fun experience come to life for our students, we need your help. We're on the hunt for volunteers to keep the Mustang Store engine running smoothly. Whether you're a master of inventory tracking, a pro at table setup, a friendly face to assist the students, or an expert at packing it all up once the excitement is over – we need your magic touch. We're all set to host the first Mustang Store of the year later this month, but we can't do it without our fantastic community.

If you're ready to sprinkle some Mustang Store magic, please reach out to us at

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