Mustang Store is back! On January 31st and February 1st

Mustang Store is back!  On January 31st and February 1st, students will have the opportunity to trade in their Mustang PRIDE Slips for great rewards.  We do have new products this month, including some fun Valentine’s Day themed items, so please remind your students to bring their PRIDE Slips to school on these days.  Their teachers will be signing up to attend the Mustang Store as a class; contact your teacher if they haven’t announced yet when they will be visiting.  
     Students may also attend during the Mustang Store “open house” hours (with their teacher’s permission):
   - Tuesday, 2:30-3:10pm
   - Wednesday, 1:05-1:45pm
We always welcome parent volunteers to join us for a fun, rewarding time with the students.  To sign up, please visit  We could use a few extra hands to help the “sales” go faster...  (Plus, it’s more fun with new friends!  Come join us!) 

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