PTA Elections Announcement -- Seeking a President, Elections 3/31

PTA Elections are coming soon (Friday, March 31).  Please plan to attend our annual meeting -- open to all Mustang families (though only members may vote) -- at 10am, immediately following the Spirit Assembly.  We will be hosting this meeting in-person and will have an option for you to join by Zoom (


Here is the list of candidates for each position:

   - President:  

   - Vice President:  Victoria Skornia

   - Secretary:  Daynabelle Anderson

   - Treasurer:  Deering Viola

   - Auditor:  Azi Dzhuguryan

   - Historian:  Yuka Kawasaki


We are still seeking a candidate for the position of SSPTA President.  

     If you have any questions about the role, feel free to reach out to Jessica (the current president) via text at 917-400-4170 or via email at  

     To submit your name for this position (or any other position), you can simply show up to our election meeting on March 31.  We will ask for nominations from the floor (that is, from people who are there), and you can verbally say you would like to be considered.  If you would like to be considered but cannot attend that meeting, please email Jenn Salinas, Chair of the Nominating Committee, at


PTA President - Role Description

  • Oversees and coordinates the work of our school’s PTA board 
  • Leads PTA board and association meetings 
  • Serves as the official contact, communicator, and representative of our PTA 
  • Is an authorized signer for PTA checks, contracts, and authorizations for payment 
  • Serves as ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee (This 

means you or someone you choose attend meetings to stay on top of what’s going on 

and provide guidance and input. Not an official member of the committee.) 

  • Works with other PTA leaders to connect families, school, and community to support 

student success; this includes work with PTAs at the next level up (the Santa Clarita Valley PTA) as well as two levels up (34th District, which also includes Antelope Valley) 

  • Will be loved, respected, and appreciated by dozens of people who feel deeply grateful for your leadership
  • Is supported by a large team of experienced volunteers

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