Reminder: We Want Your Recyclables - and old shoes! - this Friday!

On 1/27, we will again be accepting your recyclable bottles and cans at all three valets.


We will be accepting used shoes again for recycling!  Please bring these to the main gate at the front of the school.  (If your child takes the bus, you can send the shoes in a bag with them on the bus.  Just have them give the bag to the person collecting recyclables at their valet gate.)  Shoes can be in any condition.  Athletic shoes are preferred.  Please tie shoelaces together by pair or rubber band them so they don’t get separated.


Thanks to you, we’ve already earned hundreds of dollars from recycling cans and bottles this year – and we’ve earned tens of dollars from your donated shoes!  Plus, we’ve saved so many items from going to the landfill…  Mother Earth thanks you (and so do we!)!!!


At the end of this month, we will be back at it again – collecting all those recyclables and turning them into good things for our students.  So, please remember to hold onto your (bottle) caps – and cans – and set aside those shoes you really don’t wear anymore.  We want them all!


If you’d like to help with our Recycling efforts, please check out our SignUp Genius ( or email Jessica at


We’ll see you on January 28th!


Oh, and we’re also planning another book/game/puzzle swap in early March, so start making a pile of those for us as you put away your new holiday presents and clean out the older items your kids have outgrown.  Thanks!

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