Special Volunteer Recognition

In case you haven’t noticed, this list of volunteers is updated weekly to highlight the efforts of all the individuals who come together to make our SSPTA events happen.

Thank you to all our PTA volunteers for your work this past school week on:  our MB2 Restaurant Night, our Family Bowling Night, the Great Artist Program, the Sulphur Springs’ Got Talent variety show, Game Room (and Art Room!), and supporting current events or planning for future events.  A special thank-you to our current board members who are doing their usual volunteer jobs while also working to train our incoming board-elect.

Here are some of the amazing volunteers the SSPTA would like to recognize right now: 

Adrienne Andalon (T)

Deering Viola

Emma Villavicencio (T)

Emily Jones

Erin Riley (T)

Gary Laramore

Jada Dunn (T)

Jen Heuseveldt (T)

Jennifer Ortiz

Jessica Coleman

Karen Preciado

Ken Newton (T)

Kim Sperling

Mellissa de Conza

Nicole Burch

Nicole Carruth

Portia Franklin

Rose Carradine McGee

Shamsia Haque

Sophia Leao (T)

Yuka Kawasaki

Yukari Murase-Louden

Yvette Spencer

(T) = A special thank you to our teacher members who are actively volunteering to support, run, or lead various PTA programs and special student opportunities.  You guys are awesome!

And, to all our teachers and staff, Principal Katie Palacios, Administrative Support Monica Rodriguez-Grubbs, and our front office personnel (Dionne Hinson, Holly Slocum-Reyes, and Gale Tripp):  Thank you for your support!

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