SSPTA Presents: Scholastic Book Fair

The Book Fair will also be open soon for all students.  We’re trying to get classes in on Thursday, during the school day, so students can look around and see what they might want to purchase, and they will return on Friday or next week to make their purchases.  Information will be coming home soon on how to send in funds, or you can set up your e-wallet online at


Students can visit the book fair during the school day, and families are welcome to check it out after school.  Please see the flyer that went home for the exact hours we will be open.  (Since you’re coming to campus anyway for your Parent-Teacher Conferences, stop on by.  We’re in Room 4; your kid(s) can show you where to find us!


If you’d rather do your book shopping from home, you can!  Visit our SSPTA Spring Book Fair 2023 site and scroll down to shop.  Our online Book Fair will be open March 2 through March 15.


When you buy during our Book Fair, Scholastic donates a portion of what you spend to our library fund.  The school’s librarian can then go onto their website and use our earned funds to purchase the books she’d like to have in our library.  



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