The Mustang Derby – Share it on Social Media

Once you’ve signed your student(s) up for the Mustang Derby (our PTA fundraiser jog-a-thon), you’ll have the opportunity to share your donation link on social media – Facebook and Twitter have links – or via email or text.

We hope you’ll share this request far and wide, among all your families and friends.  It’s easy; do it now!

Our goal is to raise $25,000 to cover the costs of this year’s programs – things like the Spring Carnival, a wildlife assembly for all students, the upcoming Dance/Movement instructional rotation (following on the heels of Music and last Fall’s Performing Arts classes, also sponsored by the PTA), a thank-you lunch for amazing teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week, and so on.  We’re also hoping to leave next year’s PTA with a financial buffer to get them started in the Fall, so you will see more of your favorite events:  like the Back-to-School Fall Social and BBQ, the Reflections Art Show and Contest, Trunk or Treat, Red Ribbon Week, and the famous Mustang Roundup.

If you haven’t signed your student(s) up yet, please do so now!  There was a flyer that went home last week with a QR code to sign up, or you can do so at this link:

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