The Mustang Derby – Sign up now!

Do you know what The Mustang Derby is?  There was a flyer that went home last week about it, and hopefully you’ve already signed your student(s) up for it.

In short, it’s a fundraiser for the PTA so we can keep doing exciting activities with our Mustang students and their families—and keep providing the school with the supplies and materials need to maximize learning and engagement (fun).  For example, the PTA paid for all students to attend Performing Arts classes last fall, we’re funding Mystery Science for all the teachers to use in their classrooms, we arranged for several assemblies (the BMX Bike Show, one on Recycling, and another one coming up in May, where they’ll bring interesting wildlife animals to school and talk about them), and we host activities for the whole family too – the Sweetheart Breakfast, the Talent Show, the Family Glow Dance, and STEAM Night, just to name a few from the past couple of months! 


So, this upcoming Mustang Derby is our name for a jog-a-thon.  We’re doing it for the first time ever this year, and the idea is to raise money for our PTA.  On Friday, April 14th (weather permitting), the students will all jog to show how much we appreciate those donations.  


Sign up now! –

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