The Talent Show crew could use some additional donations.

We have received construction materials for sets (thank you to our local Home Depot and the PTA!), but we are still looking for stage lights as well as headsets and lavaliere microphones.  If you have some that we can borrow, please let us know ASAP, or we will accept financial donations in order to purchase these (and use them for future years as well).  Please see the attached list for specifics or reach out to Rose and Gary (the chairs).  Rose can best be reached via text at 818-818-9628, Gary at


To see our List of What We Need, please go to  Thank you!


If you're ready to RSVP for the evening family-and-friends viewing, please visit  You can also add Flower-Grams (a congratulatory message for a performer, delivered with a beautiful fresh-cut flower) at this time.

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