This is the last chance to sign up to participate in the talent show. If your student is interested, please contact the event chairpersons – Gary or Rose – as soon as possible.

At this point, all acts must be “show-ready”.  That means your student must have everything they need (costumes, props, music, etc.) and be ready to attend all upcoming rehearsals (immediately after school on February 3, 6, and 7) as well as the scheduled performances (during the school day on February 9 and at both of the evening performances – 6pm on February 9 and 10).  Music must be edited for length (no longer than two minutes), formatted as an MP3 file, and submitted to Gary at by February 1.  (Please contact Gary ASAP if you need help editing the music.)  


For any questions, please contact Rose and/or Gary.  Rose can best be reached at 818-818-9628, Gary at


You can RSVP for the evening family-and-friends viewing at  You can also add-on Flower-Grams (a congratulatory message for a performer, delivered with a beautiful fresh-cut flower).

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