Traffic Safety at School

Leave plenty of time to get to school.  We (and the school) know there are days you just can’t help it—believe me!  But please do continue to follow the valet rules even then.  It’s not fair to other drivers (or students and their families) if you: 

·      Pull into a handicapped (or other reserved) space “just for a minute”

·      Drop your kid off from the active lane of traffic on Lost Canyon

·      Put your hazards on in the shoulder to take your child across the road

Please slow down and use the valet drop-off or the parking lot.

The City has graciously graded the dirt parking lot across the road from school while we wait for the Vista Canyon developer to complete the road improvements on Lost Canyon.  (These improvements include repaving of the street and installation of a median and a crosswalk as well as paving of the dirt parking lot and putting in roundabouts at each end of our block.  The current schedule for these improvements to be completed is “before school begins in August”.)  Please use the dirt parking lotand not the shoulder of the street (which has No Parking signs); we don’t want you to get ticketed, plus it’s safer for you, for other drivers, and for all pedestrians.  


We have reached out to the City about getting a temporary crosswalk – until the developer is able to complete their improvements (which includes a crosswalk) – or crossing guards, and they have informed us that this would be something to ask of the developer.  We have also asked the developer!  So, what now?  Do we have any Mustang family members who might be interested in putting together a traffic safety group?  This group could contact the developer more, hold signs (Slow Down, Kids Crossing, even Stop, like our teachers in the valet line), chaperone people crossing from the parking lot across the street to the sidewalk on the other side… We’re open to your ideas!

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